About us

Company Profile

Founded in 2010 by experienced telecom professionals, U2telecom is one of the fastest growing telecom providers focusing in the Middle Eastern / African markets.  Our rapidly expanding business, which now includes over 120 partners spanning over 70 countries, is a testament to our creative model and strategic innovation. We recognize that our continued success as the leading VoIP service provider depends on our commitment to a culture of innovation, creativity, and business partnership.

Mission Statement

To add value to the process of trading and managing wholesale VoIP traffic by providing the highest-quality and most cost-effective self-regulated marketplace for the trading of VoIP traffic, promote confidence in and understanding of that process.

Our strategy is to be one of the leading VoIP exchange organizations and to shape the globalization of VoIP market through technology links and partnerships.  

  • To implement this strategy, we are pursuing the following objectives
  • To build the reach and scale of our business
  • To promote growth of VoIP market
  • To extend our service offering and broaden our product range

Vision Statement

U2Telecom is dedicated to serving the community by providing partner-focused, superior quality and comprehensive services. We value the Integrity Act with honesty and ethics in all that we do. We respect and treat every partner and individual within our organization with the utmost respect and dignity.

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