International DID Numbers

Inbound DID numbering for Providers of Internet Telephony Services, VoIP Operators, Wireless Operators, Calling Card Services, Local Exchange Carriers, and Communications Entrepreneurs.

U2telecom is one of the pioneers in providing virtual numbers (DID’s) in Iran.   Aside from that, we provide worldwide virtual DID numbers with flexible routing & capacity options. No setup fees. Un-metered incoming Calls with SIP or IAX2 protocol. We provide high quality inbound voice and fax services with the largest international coverage of virtual numbers. With a global presence supplying Multi Channel DID from 65 countries and thousands of local area codes.

Our service provides DID numbers at low monthly costs with flexible channel and routing options. We have no minimum commitment requirements. This service has been designed to provide DID at wholesale pricing for any business capable of accepting IP peered calls. Our tiered pricing plans offer wholesale savings for volume customers and DID resellers.

Global DID Coverage

Code Country Code Country Code Country Code Country
213 Algeria 370 Lithuania 20 Egypt 65 Singapore
54 Argentina 60 Malaysia 372 Estonia 386 Slovenia
61 Australia 356 Malta 358 Finland 27 South Africa
43 Austria 52 Mexico 33 France 82 South Korea
32 Belgium 212 Morocco 49 Germany 34 Spain
55 Brazil 31 Netherlands 852 Hong Kong 41 Switzerland
359 Bulgaria 64 New Zealand 354 Iceland 66 Thailand
1 Canada 234 Nigeria 98 Iran 90 Turkey
56 Chile 47 Norway 353 Ireland 44 UK Cell Phone
86 China 507 Panama 972 Israel 380 Ukraine
57 Colombia 51 Peru 39 Italy 44 United Kingdom
506 Costa Rica 48 Poland 1 Jamaica 1 United States
385 Croatia 40 Romania 81 Japan 58 Venezuela

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