Call Shop VOIP Solutions

Complete call-shop VOIP solutions on hosted VOIP software based on PortaOne, which terminates VOIP calls at competitive VOIP rates with premium VOIP quality, and can scale to thousands of simultaneous VOIP calls without crashing

Features include

  • A bundled turnkey VOIP solution: Call shop VOIP software and VOIP call termination
  • VOIP Agent/VOIP Reseller modules available
  • Live online reporting
  • Fast VOIP account activation
  • Simple configuration
  • High quality of voice traffic
  • Fully functional and user-friendly VOIP interface for monitoring VOIP calls and charging VOIP customers
  • No signup or monthly fees
  • Excellent customer service

Calling Card Services

U2Telecom offers VOIP Service Providers with a feature-rich ready to use Prepaid/Postpaid VOIP Calling Card Platform. Calling card business is getting competitive day by day, and we have invested a lot in our VOIP platform that enables you to only focus on the VOIP marketing and VOIP distribution aspect of this VOIP business. Acknowledging the tremendous VOIP opportunity which this VOIP market holds.  We have designed a service provider-friendly international VOIP calling cards platform.

  •     Easy Activation
  •     Generate and Manage VOIP PINS
  •     ANI-based VOIP authentication supported
  •     Numerous VOIP rating schemes
  •     Online VOIP Billing Portal to keep a tab on your Accounts
  •     Personalized VOIP Access Numbers

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