U2Telecom is one of the fastest growing telecommunications company emerging out of the Middle East with headquarters in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. We provide best-in-class TDM and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) carrier solutions which have been achievable through relationships with regional partners. U2Telecom is interconnected to PTT’s throughout the globe, offering state of the art voice services. Since its inauguration, U2Telecom has made significant developments in the wholesale and retail markets through its POPs in Vancouver, New York and Frankfurt which creates more stability through redundant switching in both Europe and North America. Our integration of carrier grade TELES Switching has allowed U2Telecom to offer maximum flexibility to our global customers and vendors with platform intelligence to achieve commercial efficiency and interconnection simplicity with our global partners.

Our core business is VoIP traffic transit. Our competitive rates are due to our own directs and partnership with other worldwide carriers. U2Telecom’s business model is to focus on direct destinations instead A-Z destinations. As of these we deliver better quality, price and dedication in our relationship with our carrier partners.

U2Telecom offers three quality levels for wholesale services:

Standard Voice Termination Services

Bringing the best cost for our customers.

Retail Voice Termination Services

We put the accent on quality routes with high ACD.

Premium Voice Termination Services

For the most sensitive customers who looks for quality and CLI.

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